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About us

Wtongtong, produced by Beijing Angang Online Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Users have multiple stores on multiple websites, and can realize one-stop management on the platform of "Wtongtong", which can be switched at one click. That is to say, it is as simple and convenient to manage multiple online stores as it is to manage a single shop.

Wtongtong system supports multi-platform business accounts online at the same time, timely reminding multi-e-commerce website orders, to avoid the phenomenon of leaking orders, order processing time-saving and efficient.

Using "Wtongtong", you can play with multi-platforms and multi-stores at the same time, and easily make a lot of money.

Function demonstration

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Function introduction

One-stop management

Opening multiple online stores on multiple websites can realize one-stop management on one platform and switch at one click

Wtongtong supports multiple store accounts online at the same time, eliminating frequent switching platform operation, and realizing one-stop management of multi-platform stores.

Continuous marketing activities

Excellent marketing activities continue to make product sales continue to climb

Wtongtong Unified Organizes all kinds of wonderful marketing activities continuously. Businessmen can choose corresponding activities to improve their product sales according to their needs.

Recommendation of Excellent Platform

Excellent e-commerce platform recommendation, products can be displayed and sold in multiple channels

Wtongtong regularly recommends excellent e-commerce platforms at home and abroad for businesses, increasing the possibility of multi-channel display and sales of products, and expanding business opportunities.

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